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Why Tristick Vaporizer Pens are the best


Are you sick and tired of wasting your valuable time and money by using low potency, leaky vaporizers from companies that do nothing more than overpromise and under-deliver?

At Tristick we strive to give you the best engineering coupled with the greatest all-around vaping experience. Who said puffing your vaporizer had to be a chore? With this in mind, it has always been our company mission to make our products as streamlined and easy to use so that you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy your vape on a daily basis.

The bottom line is that Tristicks simply sell themselves. Equipped with 1100 mah batteries for not only longer battery life as well as less charging time, it enables users to achieve mind-blowing potency on every rip from our vaporizers.

All Tristicks come packaged with our enhanced anti-leak tanks, providing you with the vaping experience you want, without the hassles involved of cleaning up. The eight wick tank system allows for faster and more efficient oil absorption, allowing you to achieve “cloud-like” draws from your Tristick vaporizer pen.

Not only are we positive that no portable vaporizer on the market today can compare to the Tristick vaping experience, but we 100% back the quality of our products with an iron-clad 12 month warranty.

The world’s most luxurious and powerful vaporizer is only a click away. Order your Tristick today! Questions? Call us! 1-855-827-3420